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Terms and Conditions

Booking holidays for 2021

We know that it’s difficult to plan and book holidays when there’s a potential risk that you may not be able to travel later due to government advice. In order to give our customers extra reassurance we have introduced risk free flexible bookings to allow you to make any new 2021 holiday booking with confidence.

If you make a new holiday booking, in any of our motorhomes, and the government advise against travel either in your home location or the motorhome location, we will allow you to change your dates with no additional charges.

This means that you can book your trip knowing that your money is safe –  consider it as ‘free insurance’ – provided by Take Time Out Rentals.

How does it work?

For example: If you have a motorhome booked for hire in October 2021, and in September the government advise against travel in October, you contact us and we allow you to move to new dates that suit you, without any penalty or administration fee.

We ask that any changes are made in good time, and no later than 48 hours before your departure date if possible.

If you choose to move dates we’ll accommodate changes to a new date in 2021 or even 2022. If the new holiday is of greater value you can top it up, or if it is of lesser value we’ll issue you a credit note for the difference. We may have to allocate you a different motorhome depending on availability.

Our Policy guarantees free date changes, a hire voucher or balance refund if:

The Government impose restrictions causing the closure of TTO Rentals when your collection is due to take place.

The Government introduce non-essential travel restrictions over the dates of your rental.

Thank you for your kind support in these difficult and unusual times.

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