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Take Time Out owners Rab & Merlyn Riggs have been Touring and Trecking for more than 25 years. They have experienced every aspect of Motorhoming and Camping from their first two berth to their current six berth. 

Rab & Merlyn have created Take Time Out to inspire everyone to share their passion and enjoy the sense of freedom, they are here to help you plan that perfect getaway. They know what you need to have a great road trip.


Their Touring Motorhomes and Trekking 4x4 have been chosen to suit everybody from first timers campers to seasoned travellers. They are easy to drive, fully equipped, cosy, comfy, pet friendly and available all year round.

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Our Ford Ranger 4x4 is fully furnished with a roof tent, camping stove, and all the necessary expedition equipment to embark on an unforgettable journey through Scotland's breathtaking landscapes.

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We have two pet-friendly touring motorhomes in our fleet, fully equipped for a quick weekend getaway or an extended journey, you'll find everything you need on board for your trip.

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